Anti virus software

No matter what computer or computers you are using, you should always use anti virus software. This article discusses anti virus software. This should give you some good ideas that should help you with using anti virus software for your computing equipment.

Anti virus software is recommended

All users of computers should use an appropriate anti virus package that is as up to date as possible with the latest definitions. One anti virus package is called Avast. I have been using this one since at least June 2011.

Once or twice during December 2013 and also once or twice during January 2014, the automatic process that downloads the latest definitions did not work in the expected way. However a small number of times over the last few years, it reported a Host Unreachable error. The first solution was to upgrade the product to the latest version. This resolved the problem for a period of a few days. Then the error was experienced again. Although the latest version of the product was being used, the product was re-installed to see if that would sort it for me. It sorted it out on a few occasions, however it does not resolve it on all occasions.

Further online research suggested the following approach which worked on this solution. The following tip worked when other approaches did not work. This may also work for you and save you time and effort so that you can go back to doing your thing sooner rather than later.

After doing some online research, and trying out a few suggestions which were time consuming and which also did not work, the following link was found. This link has worked for me on a number of occasions in the past. I am offering this link in the hope that it will help you also, and therefore free you up to do other more important things with your computer and help make your life more enjoyable:

The link is:

The automatic background process of downloading the latest definitions is therefore pretty solid.

Anti Virus Tips

Use a good anti virus solution. I have used Avast Anti Virus software for a number of years now.

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