Building Websites Is Fun

Building websites is fun, for beginners and non beginners alike. Here are articles discussing various tasks to help you to build your website or indeed websites. If you want to have fun when building websites, you are in the right place.

Making images smaller

Earlier one of my many contacts mentioned that he is developing a website on the excellent Wealthy Affiliate platform. This contact has an image that he wants to include on his website however it is too big. He wanted an…
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What is meditation?

What is meditation? OK, Meditation is a bit of topic for the main topic on this website, that focusses on building websites. Please bear with me. Meditation is a life skill that you can learn relatively quickly and start doing….
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How does one make money by blogging

How does one make money by blogging You need to start to build your own website. These days you can use a Website builder to get the bare bones of a website up and running on the internet in a…
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How to build a smart website

How to build a smart website These days the process of building a smart website is pretty easy. As well as building a smart website, it makes sense to be smart about it. By being smart by showing great intelligence…
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What is a site builder?

What is a site builder? These days, us humans use many tools and technology to make our lives easier, both professionally and privately. Many people and most organisations have a presence on the internet, usually in the form of a…
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