Computer Usage Tips

Computer Usage Tips build up over a period of time. Below is a list of some of these tips.

If you use computers used by other people, for example a public computer, do not save your log-on information. Many programs today on the web have built in automatic log-on functionally that allow people to log-on without entering their user name and password because this information is simply stored on the computer. If other people use this computer, they could log-on as you.

Never ever type in any sensitive information into any public computer. Wait until you can use your own in a secure and safe environment. You just do not know how secure that public computer is nor do you know who used that machine before you and after you. It is just best for security reasons to use your own when you get back.

Your computer should be using anti-virus software which is discussed more here.

If Facebook is not working for you, try the ideas here.

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