Domain Private Registration Services and Domain Cost Club


Domain Private Registration Services and Domain Cost Club

Domain private registration services are now available within Domain Cost Club.

Private Registration Services are available within Domain Cost Club.

Get your domain names at-costOver the last few months I exchanged a number of emails with the support department at Domain Cost Club in connection with them offering Domain Private Registration Services.

Domain Cost Club and private registration services

The questions I asked initially were as follows along with the current answers as on July 14, 2015:

Does DCC offer domain privacy as a service, like other domain name registrars?


If so, how much does it cost?

With Domain Cost Club, this service is provided free of charge to Domain Cost Club Members whose membership of Domain Cost Club has not elapsed.

If not, is it a service that DCC will provide in the near future?

It is now available.

Some time back, I was pleased and thrilled to find out that it was something that they planned in putting in place and therefore it was only a manner of time before it would be in place.

I kept in touch with them on a decent periodic basis over the last few months as I know that this is something that could be important to you. Not every day or every week mind you, about once every 4 to 10 weeks.

Late last night or very early this morning, depending on your point of view, I learned that this new service is now available.

What are domain private registration services

For those of you who don’t know what this is, every domain name has a number of important contact information available to the public. This information includes name, address, phone number and email address information. People that expose this information could get unwanted emails, phone calls and so forth. Using a private registration service means that this service has their data there instead, so you do not get this unwanted emails, phone calls and so forth. This provides a level of privacy.

Having private registration services in place is a really good idea.

Anyway back to Domain Cost Club and private registration services.

Activate private registration services

At this stage, I have now activated Private Registration Services for each of my domains that I have registered with Domain Cost Club. And it did not cost me any extra money as it is a free offering to all Domain Cost Club members whose paid membership ($99 per year or $499 for life) has not elapsed.

I have done some maths in my Domain Cost Club, Doing The Maths To See If It Is Worth It article.

Really good price too

I also checked the price of the Private registration service with the domain registrar I was previously with. The price there now is $7.95 per domain name per year. So I saved an amount of cash. Always good. 🙂

Another great reason to register your domain names with Domain Cost Club.

Activating private registration services within Domain Cost Club Member’s area

Get your domain names at-costThese instructions were correct at the time of writing this. The internet is a fast moving world so by the time you read this, this may have changed. 🙂

Below are instructions on how to activate Private Registration Services within the Domain Cost Club Member’s area:

1. Login or Signup here
2. Click your Account (Mine is “David’s Account) from the top navigation bar.
3. Click “Domain Contacts” from the left navigation bar.
4. Click “Setup Private Registration” in the “Actions” column of the “Contact List”
5. Input security questions and answers and press “Submit”

Once activated, you can set Private Registration as default for future registrations by taking the following steps:
1. Press the “Change Defaults” button
2. Check the “Use Private Registration for All” box
3. Press the “Save Changes” button

This won’t change your existing domains’ contacts. It will set future registrations to private.

You can set existing domains to private in bulk or individually. To set Private Registration in bulk, take the following steps:

1. Click “My Domains” from the left navigation bar.
2. Select domains via check-box
3. Select “Change Domain Contacts” in the “Bulk Actions…” drop-down and press “Submit”
4. Check the “Use Privacy” box and press “Save Changes”

To change an individual domain to use privacy, click the Contacts icon while in the “My Domains” area. Select “Use Privacy” and save your changes.

Can I see the Domain Cost Club Private registration terms of service?

Yes, of course.
Private registration services are provided to all Domain Cost Club Members free of charge.
To see the Domain Cost Club Private registration terms of service:
1. Login or Signup here
2. Click “Login or SignUp” from the top navigation bar
3. Click “Terms of Service”
4. Click “Private Registration Terms of Service”

When I looked at these earlier, they are brief and very much direct to the point unlike others I have seen. I like the brevity of this document.

No additional costs for Domain Cost Club members for this service

As I already mentioned above, other domain registrars’ charge additional monies for this service for each domain and for each year. I did a price comparison earlier today. The domain registrar I was previously with provides domain private registration services for $7.95 per domain per year. With them, getting domain private registration services for 3 domains costs $23.85 per year, for 5 domains costs $39.75 per year and so on. With Domain Cost Club, this is free of charge to Domain Cost Club Members whose membership of Domain Cost Club has not elapsed.

With this new offering in place, becoming a Domain Cost Club Member makes more sense, especially if you already buy a number of domains each year along with privacy. 🙂

Let me know what your related thoughts on this subject are by leaving them below.

9 thoughts on “Domain Private Registration Services and Domain Cost Club”

  1. Not a bad article, its quite informative and is literally chock full of information. But I feel the headings were a bit messy for me, perhaps make the questions headings into a single FAQ heading, I do think all those questions kind of made me feel a little too overwhelmed and lose track. It should clean that up a bit, other than that, nice guide.

    • Thanks Roger for stopping by and leaving your comments. I will look at re-formatting the questions and answers that I initially asked. Hopefully that will add to the article. I wanted to highlight the fact that I asked them questions and that they delivered, making their offering even better.




    • Hi Roger,

      I have re-formatted the questions I asked Domain Cost Club along with the current answers. I think that this has added to the article. Thanks for your earlier comments.


  2. Hi David, thanks for the detail information on domain cost club. I understand that DCC provides free private registration service. However, one must be a member to enjoy this offer.

    May I know what is the price of the membership? Have you compare the price to NameCheap? NameCheap is also a domain provider with free private registration service. Hope to have your advice.

    • Hi Edmund,

      Thanks for your questions.

      Yes, you are correct, you need to be a member of Domain Cost Club to enjoy these benefits.

      You see the full benefits of membership here when you go down the page including the cost of membership:

      You see there, that currently the price of Domain Cost Club membership is $99 per year or $499 for lifetime membership along with the full benefits of membership.

      Yes, I have compared the price to Namecheap. My understanding is that with Namecheap, the free private registration service is offered free for the first year. For subsequent years, they charge for the private registration service. If my understanding is not correct, please let me know.

      Also, when I compared the price of a dot com domain between Namecheap and Domain Cost Club, Domain Cost Club was cheaper once you are a Domain Cost Club Member.

      Also, I have compared the affiliate offer with Namecheap. My understanding is that they use cookies and the person you refer to them to buy a domain needs to buy that domain within a short time window in order for you to maybe earn less than a dollar. I would imagine most people do not buy domains that quick. So you do the work, get them business, but in my opinion do not get rewarded very well for passing business their way. I also believe you get paid for the first sale only and only if that happens within that short window. If my understanding is not correct, please let me know.

      So you have to factor in the cost of Domain Cost Club membership, the number of domains you buy per year, the number of domains requiring private registration services and the associated affiliate offers. When I factor in those factors, for me, Domain Cost Club comes out on top. When you factor in those factors and maybe others for yourself, Domain Cost Club may come out on top too.



  3. Hi David, it could be easy to start up your online business but the problem of how do you grow up you business is much much important. It is informative article of your pages, but by the way, there are so many domain registration services out there. Actually the visitors would look for the branding company for registration of their domain, just like godaddy, hostgator or even bluehost. I don’t see what advantages do DCC have. Do you have comparison with others? Thanks a lot.
    Good Day!

    • Hi Lok.w,

      Do godaddy, hostgator or even bluehost have the following advantages?

      The secret to MLM is choosing wisely and getting in early. Domain Cost Club is live and open for immediate registration. Join the Club and prosper! – Earn a minimum of $25 per referral – Earn up to $200 for a single referral – Absolutely no limits to how much you can earn – Viral network marketing growth – 4 x 7 forced matrix with spillover – Special at-cost pricing on all of our domains – Get your first check in as little as two weeks!



  4. Hi David. I went over your post and was curious about DCC so I followed your link to their site. I didn’t like to be offered a free registration and to be asked later for a $99 yearly membership, but besides that, if there is a $3 difference between DCC and let’s say Godaddy for a .com domain, I’d have to buy 33 domains/year to justify the membership, did I get it wrong?

    • Hi Oscar,

      I see what you mean. I have edited the article a bit to make it much clearer that there are membership costs involved to purchase a membership of Domain Cost Club. I have included the current costs of paid membership of Domain Cost Club into that article as well.

      Regarding your justification question, I wrote an earlier article which answers this question, although I did not talk about buying 33 domains:

      Let me know if you have any additional questions regarding Domain Cost Club.



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