Facebook not working

This discusses some technical information when using Facebook. This should give you some good ideas that should help you with using Facebook.

Facebook not working for me, some possible solutions

From time to time, some Facebook functionally does not work for me. These are some possible solutions which have worked for me on a number of occasions. One or more of them may work for you.

I have found that by doing the following it resolves the problem. For instance I could not view pictures in Facebook with any of my browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). I also could not view more than a few comments. These are offered as suggestions only. They may or may not work for you. However I figure, nothing ventured nothing gained. So here goes:

Use a different browser. I flick between the different browsers. Sometimes some functionally will work in one and not the other, so I just use the browser that currently works. Why waste time on the browser where that functionally currently does not work for me? My time is rather limited and very valuable. Quite often this resolves the issue for me.

Next idea is to enter Facebook as normal, on the top right, click account, then help center, enter in “view image” into the search engine. Click on the “why am I seeing a black frame around photos…”. Click on one of the “see example” or “try it” links. A good few times this resolves the issue for me. Note that these guidelines worked at the time of writing these notes. However Facebook change things. So this suggestion may no longer be useful.

Another idea is to reboot your computer or laptop. This has been known to resolve quite a number of computer glitches.

Another suggestion is to do a search engine search. Everyone has their favorite. Mine are Google and Bing. A search engine search can reveal additional ideas to try. For me, on one occasion it revealed that Internet Explorer had “decided” to try to use an earlier version of Internet Explorer. When it was “instructed” not to do this, my problem was resolved.

Another idea is to wait a few days. If your system is configured to check for software updates on a regular basis and to install these software updates as soon as possible when these software updates are available, this could resolve the issue. Of course, this could be the reason why you had the issue in the first place. In the process of having the latest and greatest, there could be occasions where your software setup/configuration has a problem. So waiting a few days could also help to resolve a problem when it is hoped that a later update would resolve the issue. In these situations, I assume that other people have the same problem, and have reported same to the relevant party and that it gets fixed.

Another idea is to see if there is a Windows update. It is possible that a Windows update may resolve the issue. Of course, this suggestion assumes that the problem is happening on a machine using the Windows operating system. If not, this idea applies to whatever operating system your machine is using.

Another suggestion then is to perform an optional update. Sometimes Windows suggests that an update is optional. Performing this optional update may resolve the issue. Again, like the previous suggestion, this assumes that the problem is happening on a machine using the Windows operating system. If not, this idea applies to whatever operating system your machine is using.

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