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Global domains are available, get your .global domain today

Global  domains are available, show the world who is global in their outlook

GLOBAL domains are available, get your .GLOBAL domain today.

Having a .GLOBAL domain is one way to show the world who is global in their outlook on life. These days with the internet you can reach people all over the planet with your website. Country website domains show people where you mainly operate. However if you are global in your outlook, why limit yourself in error?

According to my copy of the English directory:
Global: of globe; relating to whole world

In my opinion, you just do not have to be huge in order to go .GLOBAL

A lot of visions have the potential to be global. Why not your visions?

A lot of ideas have the potential to be global. Why not your ideas?

A lot of plans have the potential to be global. Why not your plans?

Remember that today, the light bulb is used all over the world.

Global in reach today does not necessary have to be attached to big business with a number of physical locations. We can thank the internet for this. 🙂 Happy days. 🙂

Having a .GLOBAL website domain shows the world you are global in outlook, have no limits, have no borders, are open in outlook, are non-discriminatory in outlook, have an international appeal and think in a broad way. These are all good.

.GLOBAL domains are available

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Let me know if you have any related GLOBAL domain name comments by leaving them below.

2 thoughts on “Global domains are available, get your .global domain today”

  1. David, I had never heard of .global before your post. An interesting suggestion I might use. Thank you! Gina

    • Hi Gina,

      There are loads of new top level domain extension names coming out and have come out.
      Last month, .NINJA was the top level domain extension name that was being promoted, this month it is .GLOBAL
      Other new top level domain extension names include .CEO, .ACCOUNTANTS, .FITNESS, .RECIPES and many more.
      The idea is that these more closely match what a website represents.
      Current thinking is that .COM domain names are the best. However if the .COM domain you want is not available, one or more of the new top level domain extension names could be a good option. It is also a timing thing.

      Thanks for your comments and thanks for dropping by.


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