Building Websites is fun, Part 2

Building Websites is fun, Part 2

In these times, many business owners want to grow their business, and they want to grow their business fast. Today, because life, business and the internet are all closely related, I want to discuss the idea of using internet based options which may help you to grow your business, a bit like thinking outside of the box, if you will. I believe that knowing how to build websites is a key skill and expertise that many business owners should consider when looking at ways to grow their businesses fast.

Because I want to explore each idea or tip separately, this will be a series, this is part 2. Part 1 is here.

If you want to grow your business fast, you are in the right place for ideas and suggestions.

Become a Domain Cost Club Affiliate

Before you say, why, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Would you like to be able to buy domains using special at-cost domain pricing? I be very surprised if your answer is honestly no.
  • Would you like to access online marketing tools that allow you to earn money on referrals? Again, I be very surprised if your answer is honestly no.
  • Would you like to earn up to $200 in bounty and commission when people buy Domain Cost Club Membership using your personalized referral webpage? Again, I be very surprised if your answer is honestly no.
  • Would you like to earn commissions for your referrals, their referrals, and so on through seven levels? Again, I be very surprised if your answer is honestly no.
  • Would you like to earn commissions for your referrals, their referrals, and so on through seven levels on Domain Cost Club renewals? Again, I be very surprised if your answer is honestly no.

I personally recommend Domain Cost Club based on personal experience

Enter a company called Domain Cost Club. You can read my Domain Cost Club Review here. I practice what I preach here. I personally use Domain Cost Club when buying my domain names now. I moved all of my domains over to Domain Cost Club.

If you are interested in earing referrals, you are in the right place. Or if you buy multiple domains, you are in the right place.

Low cost entry into business verses another way

If you wanted to start a business using the franchise model for say McDonald’s, you would have to find quite a bit of money. I read somewhere that the total start up costs to get franchisee rights and open just one new outlet in the United Status of America would cost $1,600,000 (give or take $700,000). I don’t know about you, but if I had anything from $900,000 to $2,300,000 in my back pocket, I think I would spent it on something else. 🙂

Domain Cost Club Members with a paid up membership (Currently $99 per year, or $499 for life) can earn referrals when people they refer purchase Domain Cost Club Memberships. This is a low cost entry route into starting your own internet based business, compared to starting up say a McDonald’s franchise in the United States of America. You can read my review of Domain Cost Club here.

Another well known company offer special pricing also based on a membership cost

It may interest you to learn that godaddy also allows people to become members of their Discount Domain Club, which involves a paid membership. I wanted to look at the paid membership costs and see what options there are out there in connection with buying domains at better prices and also in connection with earning referrals when people buy memberships using your link.

I found out that godaddy has a Discount Domain Club offering too which is also based on a paid membership. I found out that there prices were actually more expensive than Domain Cost Club, and if you referred someone to the godaddy Discount Club, you got nothing as they do not pay commissions on memberships. Read their small print.

Comparison pricing as of September 8, 2015

Description Domain Cost Club Member Price godaddy Discount Domain Club Member Price Domain Cost Club Member Savings
Annual Membership Cost $99 $119.88 $20.98
Cost of a .COM domain for 1 year assuming the applicable membership price has already been paid $7.85 $8.29 $0.44
Cost of a .XYZ domain for 1 year assuming the applicable membership price has already been paid (See Note 1) $3.00 $8.99 $5.99

Note 1: Within the Domain name industry, sometimes the owner/managers of a top level domain (eg .COM or .XYZ) will have limited price promotions in order to help sell more domains. Currently on September 8, 2015, one such promotion was for .XYZ domains. Those were the quoted prices above. This pricing will most likely be revised shortly when the owner/manager of the .XYZ range changes the ‘wholesale’ price it charges domain registrars, including Domain Cost Club and godaddy.

Interesting results

In every case mentioned above, the Domain Cost Club Member price is better than the godaddy Discount Domain Club Member price. I also found the pricing on the Domain Cost Club website much easier to find than the pricing on the godaddy Discount Domain Club website. You may experience this also should you want to compare prices for today.

Look at the godaddy affiliate terms

If you look at the godaddy affiliate terms, you will see that premium domains, sunrise domain registrations and memberships do not qualify for commission.

You should get paid for selling memberships

This means that if you refer someone to godaddy and they buy a godaddy Discount Domain Club Membership package because of your referral, you get nothing, even though godaddy are getting at least $119.98 worth of business every year.

That is very wrong in my opinion.

People would not be spending over $119 per year in order to buy domains cheaper if they then did not buy a number of domains to justify that purchase. Then on top of that membership, godaddy sell domains, and again, you get nothing.

That is very wrong in my opinion.

So for potentially passing godaddy over $119 worth of business every year, you get nothing.

That is very wrong in my opinion.

Oh, happy days

With Domain Cost Club, if you as a paid up Domain Cost Club Member referred a new referral you get credit (paid) and assuming you are still a paid up Domain Cost Club member when they renew every year, you get credit (paid) again. OK, you do not get paid when your referrals buy domains, however you get paid when your referrals and their referrals buy Domain Cost Club memberships and renewals.

This is very correct in my opinion. Oh, happy days. 🙂

Multi-Level Marketing

Domain Cost Club use the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a legal way of doing business, however is structured almost like a pyramid scheme. This raise questions in my mind and no doubt in yours, so I will address them now:

  • There is no enrolment cost once you pay for Domain Cost Club Membership.
  • The Membership entitles you to purchase domain names via the Club using At-Cost Pricing.
  • Domain Cost Club completely explains itself, its offerings before you buy a Domain Cost Club Membership.
  • If a Domain Cost Club Member decides to refer others to Domain Cost Club, the main source of income comes from selling Domain Cost Club Memberships.
  • Domain Cost Club is a sister company of Global Domains International (GDI), which has been a domain registry and player in the multi-level marketing business since 1999, over 14 years. GDI is still going strong to this day, and has a similar network marketing program that Domain Cost Club offers. Upon the announcement of new domain extensions being launched a few years ago, GDI decided to create a new income opportunity geared towards selling these new domains at the lowest price possible, all through a Membership program.
  • Domain Cost Club has existed for just over a year. Domain Cost Club is still growing, and regardless of when a new Member joins, they have an equal opportunity to refer others and generate commission and bounties, just as someone who joined on day one.
  • Domain Cost Club’s longevity will be proven by those who are tired of paying marked-up prices elsewhere for the same services Domain Cost Club offers. A great deal of Domain Cost Club business has been generated not from new domain owners, but those who want to save money by transferring all of their domains to Domain Cost Club, myself included.
  • Domain Cost Club and I believe that as long as people need domain names, Domain Cost Club will prove useful.

If you want to grow your business fast, becoming a Domain Cost Club Member and start referring other people to Domain Cost Club. This is a great practical approach to kick start the process to grow your business fast.

Any questions about Domain Cost Club?

If you have any questions about Domain Cost Club or would like to offer any Domain Cost Club insight you have gotten over time from your own personal life story, please leave a comment below. I would like to hear about it.

8 thoughts on “Building Websites is fun, Part 2”

  1. Hi David
    Very interesting post indeed.

    I have been aware of the possibility of becoming an affiliate of the likes of GoDaddy etc but was not aware of becoming a Club Member at an annual cost. I simply thought that one could sign up as a GoDaddy Affiliate through the likes of Commission Junction and earn a commission of around 40% for every sale.
    Thank you for your post – I will now look at the different options more closely especiallly the Domain Cost Club embership.

    True Affiliate Wealth

    • Hi Victoria,

      Yes, my understanding is that you can join GoDaddy as a Affiliate, however if they end of selling a GoDaddy Discount Club Membership, which works at around $119 per year, you as the seller get nothing. That is very wrong in my opinion. Also if someone pays for this, they are going to buy domains using that membership, and you as the seller get nothing. That is very wrong in my opinion. You passed over $119 per year worth of business and they reward you with nothing.

      Reply to this if you have any additional comments or questions about Domain Cost Club. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

      Kind Regards,


  2. I never heard of domain cost club before but you do seem very thorough and know what your talking about when it comes to it. I use GoDaddy, never thought about becoming an affiliate it just seems like I wouldn’t make much. I paid 14.99 for two years for my website name. Anyways Domain Cost Club has a good rate. I like the fact that you can become a lifer. And not pay any more money every year. And even if you 99 bucks for the year is not bad at all.

    • Hi Brandon,

      If you know people who are interested in buying domains, this could be a great home internet based business for you, and over time, you may build a great business. It is a numbers game, and it has great recurring potential too. Start now.



  3. This was an interesting post, I must say. I’ll have to look further into the Domain Cost Club, as this is the first time I’ve heard of it. By the way, I never use GoDaddy. Their prices are high, and I don’t like them. Now I see that they do the same things when it comes to the overpriced $119 membership.

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks, I aim to write informative and interesting posts.

      I used a different domain name registrar myself for many years, but when I heard about Domain Cost Club, I looked into them and tried them out. I now have all my domain names registered with Domain Cost Club. Domain privacy is one of their offerings and with them for Domain Cost Club Members it is a free offering. With my last domain name registrar this was costing me $7.95 per domain name per year, so the savings add up.

      Also with the different domain name registrar, I could not register one of the new domain name extensions with them which I was very surprised to discover.

      Kind Regards,


  4. Great post on how to grow your business. Thanks for the information. A lot I already knew but the last part not yet. That’s what its all about. Gaining new knowledge everyday and going to bed a little wiser than the day before. Today defintitely succeeded because of you. Cheers and keep up the good work. Love the site

    • Hi Maurice,

      Thanks for letting me know this. I really appreciate it.




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