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Home Appliance Saving Tips

Home Appliance Saving Tips, focusing on Home Appliance Energy saving tips because that is where the highest savings can be make, resulting in you spending less money. These include a number of energy saving tips for your home.

Heating is expensive, so if your thermostat is above 20 Celsius or 68 Fahrenheit, turning if down by just 1 Celsius or 2 Fahrenheit will save you about 10% off the money you spend on your heating. This is huge. In round figures, 20 Celsius equals 68 Fahrenheit, 21 Celsius equals 70 Fahrenheit, 22 Celsius equals 72 Fahrenheit and 23 Celsius equals 74 Fahrenheit. So by turning down your thermostat just a bit you could save a lot of money on your heating bills.

Around windows a lot of heat loss occurs, especially if they are single glazed. Therefore keep curtains closed where possible. Check that curtains do not hang over radiators as that drives the heat out the window, not what you intended heating for sure.

In the home itself close room rooms. Limit the areas of the home being heated. Do not spend money heating rooms no one is actually living in. Heat rooms when being used.

Depending on the type of lights used in the home, switch them off when leaving a room, bearing in mind that sometimes lights are left on for security. It is recommended to switch appliances off completely, rather than leaving them on standby.

If you can, make good use of the timers on your immersion and/or boiler to ensure you have heating and hot water when actually required.

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