Map of worldwide top level domains a few years agoMy review of Domain Cost Club outlines why exactly you should become a member.

At-Cost Domain Registrations, At-Cost Renewals, At-Cost Transfers

Domain Cost Club is the first and only domain registrar in the world to offer all domains at cost. Domain Cost Club members enjoy transparent at-cost pricing on domain registrations, renewals and transfer-ins.

Domain Cost Club members register as many domains as they want and at any time they want at the same exact price that it costs Domain Cost Club and every other ICANN accredited registrar, such as GoDaddy and Network Solutions.

An example of Domain Cost Club member Savings is At-Cost .ACCOUNTANTS Registrations are $66 per year vs the recommended retail price of $130 per year. A savings of $64 per domain per year.

Who should join Domain Cost Club

In a nutshell, everyone. Let me explain why. In the internet, domain names are very important for branding purposes. Some domain names are worth a fortune. Many people test different websites with different domain names in order to determine which combination works best for them. So if you are purchasing domain names the at-cost pricing on domains for Domain Cost Club members can add up to some series savings while building up your domain interests.

If you blog or have a website or two or more, you can save $40 or more on a single domain registration as a Domain Cost Club Member. If you have been on the internet for a while as a blogger or as a business owner or as a hobbyist or as an affiliate, you are all set for your own domain. For branding purposes and professional purposes, it looks a lot better if you use your own domain. You may also know a number of other people who are too. In this case, join Domain Cost Club, brand yourself by registering a domain, use your new domain, refer a few friends, and you could end up with more than just a great deal on a domain, you could make money too.

If you are a home business owner or an internet affiliate, the news is even better. There is a rich reward system in place. You can earn $25 to $200 per referral which provides a real opportunity to build a serious income. A 4×7 matrix creates a deep network with the ability to earn long-term commissions on renewals, year after year. The immediate and international appeal of a virtual product like domains is ideally suited to working from home and on your own schedule.

In conclusion

This is a very real opportunity with a lot of potential international scope. In January 2015, there were over 284,000,000 domain names registered worldwide. There is a lot of potential international scope. You too can work from home in this huge, really huge industry.

Next steps

Click here to do a mixture of the following:

  • View the excellent video presentation.
  • Explore the associated webpages which explain more.
  • Decide which type of Membership option suits you best.
  • Become a Domain Cost Club Member today.

Of course, if you have any related questions, please leave them below. I would like to help. 🙂

If you are not currently interested in purchasing a Domain Cost Club Membership package, signup for a free account here (click on signup). This will allow you to purchase your domain names from Domain Cost Club as you require them. You can always purchase a Domain Cost Club Membership package later. Purchase when you are ready and not before.

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