How does one make money by blogging

How does one make money by blogging

You need to start to build your own website. These days you can use a Website builder to get the bare bones of a website up and running on the internet in a relatively short period of time. The advantages of using a Website builder and using a cloud solution is that your website is stored in the cloud. You do not need to concern yourself with how this happens, unless you want to. Once your website and its management system is safety accessible on the cloud, you can access your website’s management system to build your website. This can mean that you can access it from anywhere on the internet.

My preferred website builder and my preferred website host

I personally use SiteRubix by Wealthy Affiliate as my preferred website builder and as my preferred website host. This website for instance was built using SiteRubix by Wealthy Affiliate, and is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. One of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate has put together an online video presentation showing the process of getting the bare bones of a website up and running on the internet. He does it in less than 30 seconds, although the online video presentation is longer. It takes longer to explain and show than it takes to actually do. 🙂

The RELATED presentation shows how to create a WordPress website that can be accessed on the internet. If you were to follow this process yourself using the facilities and tools provided, you would have built the bare bones of a website and it would be up and running on the internet.

What are you going to write about

Now that you know how to start a website or start a blog, the next thing is to determine what you are going to write about. Ideally this should be something that you are highly knowledgeable about, something that you are good at and would be able to write related information about. In order to be seen as an authority on something, you will need to write a number of articles about your chosen topic. Of course, it is possible not to be expect in something, do some research yourself and then become an expect in that topic. However if you are already an expect in the topic, then you may already know information that other people would find of value.

Now gets interesting

This is where it gets interesting. The topic can not be too broad, because other websites may already have content on that subject. You will need to find a fairly detailed topic where there is hopefully not too much content on it and where there is some interest, so that when search engines like Google or Bing see your content, they will note those articles, and when people search on the search engine looking for this content, the search engine returns your article as one of the articles of interest. Then you hope that that reader clicks your article, and finds your article answers their questions.

House-keeping pages to build

When building a website or when building a blog, you will most likely want to have a number of what I call ‘house-keeping’ pages. These are pages like your ‘about us’ page and your ‘privacy policy’ page. In my opinion a good way to get familiar and add these pages to your website or to your blog is to follow the great training provided by Wealthy Affiliate on their free starter package. There is no time limit to how long you can stay on the free starter package. Once you become serious you will most like want to upgrade to the paid premium version. At this stage, I am on my second year of paid premium yearly membership. In other words, I am not asking you to do something that I have not done or are doing myself. 🙂

This is how one makes money by blogging

Today if I was learning from scratch on how one makes money by blogging or by building a website, and get it up and running on the internet, I would sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate free starter package, and follow all the courses that they offer on this package:-

There are 10 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1) course.

There are 10 lessons in the WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Starting Your Foundation Phase 1 course.

As I would be doing the courses, I would then build a website or two on the free starter package following the learn and do approach. I suggest doing both courses, because then you see some similar information and the information then makes more sense.

I reckon if I spent an hour or two per day focussing on the above for 4 weeks, I would be well on my way.

Secure your Wealthy Affiliate free starter package today.

Add content to your blog

You will need to continue to add content to your blog and to your website. The content that you add needs to be applicable, interesting and relevant for your visitors.The content needs to be prepared with the aim of attracting visitors who find your content contains the type of information that they are looking for. This is a real case of “Content is King”. The content needs to be original. Once you have visitors coming to your blog and to your website from different sources, you will need to determine how you are going to earn revenue. This could be from one or more income streams.

My recommendation

If you are not already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend that you secure your Wealthy Affiliate free starter package today.
You lose nothing in my opinion by giving this a try. Even if you sign up for free, do some courses, build a website or two and then decide not to continue, you will surely have learned something about building a blog and about building a website. That is a useful skill to have.
Payment details are not requested until you decide to upgrade to paid premium membership. Other companies request payment details when you take out a free trial and then start charging you a week or two later. Not so with Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate free starter package is free. It is only when or if you decide to upgrade to paid Wealthy Affiliate premium membership that you pay. 🙂

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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