How to build a smart website

How to build a smart website

These days the process of building a smart website is pretty easy. As well as building a smart website, it makes sense to be smart about it. By being smart by showing great intelligence and great understanding means that a smart website can be built at a good pace. First though you should know that over 30% of websites today are built using the great website content management system known as WordPress.

Content is King is important for your smart website

Using WordPress allows the content of the website to be separated from the general look and feel of the website. The content is the underlying information that is displayed when a webpage is displayed. There is a saying that “Content is king”. When you go to a website, I assume like me you are looking for some valuable information and if you find it, you are thrilled. If you don’t, you keep looking until you find the valuable information or not. In WordPress, the content is usually placed logically in “posts” or “pages”.

Search engines look for high quality unique information

Search engines like Google and Bing are looking for high quality unique information, so “Content is king” is a very important concept if you want your smart website to be considered by the search engines. You will, if you are looking for targeted traffic.

The look and feel of your smart website is also important

The look and feel of a website is also important once people start to read your smart content. You need to bear in mind that you want people to ready your content. So how the information is presented is important. This is an image thing. Website visitors expects websites to display “standard types of information”. Most websites will have a home page, an about us page and so on. If your site does not have these pages that may still be ok, however most website visitors will expect to see these pages. A smart website will in my opinion have these pages.

It is important today that the website looks smart on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. WordPress uses WordPress Themes. Different people and organisations develop different WordPress Themes based on different “look and feel” requirements. There are I believe over 30,000 different WordPress Themes available, each one offering something different that its developers deemed neccessary. With WordPress, you can try out different WordPress Themes and change to a different WordPress Theme on demand. When changing to a different WordPress Theme, you do need to test it so that it reaches your requirements.

A smart website will be hosted with a great webhost for WordPress

You also need a great webhost that is a great webhost for WordPress. With some webhosts, you can purchase webhosting, however you then have to install WordPress and implement WordPress within that webhosting package. This is quite technical. I prefer to bypass this stage and let my webhost take care of the underlying infrastructure to make the whole thing work. I want to build my smart websites without knowing all the stuff that goes on ‘under the hood’. The concept here is similar to the concept of knowing how to drive a car and driving from place to place, without knowing in too much detail how the car engine works. I leave car servicing up to the garage. So same concept here, why waste valuable time learning about technical webhosting stuff when the better webhosts already take care of this for you. You are then freed up to focus on the important task of building smart websites.

Different ways to learn

There are different ways to learn. You can learn by reading and studying books, or by attending lectures or by going to school or college or university. These are great ways to learn. However today with modern technology it is possible to learn by watching video presentations online. This is where the presenter talks about the subject matter and then shows you how to do it yourself. You can learn how to build smart websites this way. There are a few additional benefits by watching these video presentations online assuming that the information is available online on a 24 hours a day, every day basis. You can do this learning whenever you have some spare time. You can stop, ‘rewind’ and watch the information as many times as you want. Also say the online video presentation is say 35 minutes. You would have watched say 22 minutes and then need to take care of something else. You stop the online video presentation, note down that you reached 22 minutes and 5 seconds. Then the next time you are in learning mode, you open up the video presentation and bring it to the 22 minutes mark and continue on. I recommend going to about 30 seconds before you stopped it (in this case about 21 minutes and 35 seconds), and look at those 30 seconds again, to allow you to remember where you were. This acts as a great refresher, and your time is effectively used up.

You can try this now by looking at a RELATED “create a website” video presentation now.
Let me know in the comments area before what you thought of this learning experience. 🙂

Smartest way I know to build a smart website

Get some great online training showing you this process. I recommend strongly the Wealthy Affiliate free starter package. Why I hear you ask? Well on the Wealthy Affiliate free starter package you can do 20 lessons for free, and they allow you to build two websites on their domain for free. So you learn and do, learn and do, and before you know it you will have started to build one or two or more smart websites. You can stay on the free starter option as long as you want, you only upgrade to the paid premium when you are want to take advantage of the premium benefits. Learn to walk before you can run type of thing.

Host your smart website with a webhost that specialises in WordPress hosting. This way you don’t have to spend time doing such tasks as installing WordPress on your website and setting it up. That work will already be done. I recommend strongly the Wealthy Affiliate free starter package. Why I hear you ask? Well on the Wealthy Affiliate free starter package, you can build up to two smart websites on their domain for free.

Continue building your smart website by adding applicable information that will bring visitors to your website. Visitors are needed before your smart website can bring in revenue. I recommend strongly the Wealthy Affiliate free starter package. Why I hear you ask? Well on the Wealthy Affiliate free starter package you can do 20 lessons for free. If you do these lessons and do the suggested tasks, you will be well on your way to building your smart website.

Secure your Wealthy Affiliate free starter package here now.

I practice what I preach

This website for instance is hosted within the Wealthy Affiliate domain. I started with the free starter membership option. At this stage after being pleased with the free version, I upgraded to the paid version. This allows me to use my own domain name which I do. Anyway I started my experience using the free starter membership option, and only after learning things, and seeing them online, did I opt for the paid version. I could not be using the paid version if I did not think it is worth every cent. 🙂 You could do the same.

Know that I am not asking you to do something that I am not doing. 🙂

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Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to build a smart website”

  1. Nice article helps you understand a lot especially if you are new at this. Your point about webhosting is so right and i totally agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate it provides a lot and in your article you describe them very well thanks for the information keep up the good work!!!

    • Hi Xristina,

      Wealthy Affiliate is really good if you are interested in building websites and are interested in building traffic to your websites. They are more than a really good webhost, they are more than a really good place to learn about developing websites and bringing traffic to your websites. They also provide a lot of great training on their free starter package. Secure your Wealthy Affiliate account today and start learning on how to build a website and then use your Wealthy Affiliate account to build a website.

      There are 10 free lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Getting Started (Level 1) course which contain a lot of great information on how to build a website. Start this amazing journey now.

      Kind Regards,


  2. It really takes time to build good website, and i like you said the most important part is content. If your content is good and unique than you are on your way to success already, but remember if you want to have good traffic, you have to be consistent with your uploads, you can’t disappear for months.. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, like all good things in life it takes time. Remember Rome was not built in a day. So of course, you have to be consistent with regular attention, ideally daily with your smart website. You of course, need to provide information on what people on the internet are actually looking for. If you need to learn how to build a website in order to build an internet marketing affiliate business, then check out my recommended approach for doing this. Click here for the one I use.

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