How to build own website

How to build own website

I have put together some very brief notes on how to build own website. I respect your time and energy, so I will very quickly get to the point. You will need an account with Wealthy Affiliate, and the really good news, is that you can get a starter account right now, and there is no need to spend any money until you are happy to do so. 🙂 🙂

Get a free starter account here.

Once you have your free starter account, log in, you will see a drop down menu on the left hand side. Select the Site Rubix by clicking on it. Then a Site Rubix screen is displayed, select Site Builder and click on the Go button.

Then you will see a screen, that shows a few easy steps (Step 1, Step 2 and so on) as shown in the screen shot below.

Let us go through these few easy steps, one at a time. 🙂 🙂

Select the kind of website you want. On the starter account, you select “A Free Website” if this is not already automatically selected. If you have a premium account, you also have another option. However, initially use a free website option until you are ready and happy to upgrade to premium.

The next question that needs answering, is to enter in a domain name. Key in something that makes sense to you and you might be able to grab that name if it is still available. If not, key in something different, until you find one that is still available. In this context, the name is, where yoursite is the name you selected which has not yet been grabbed. 🙂 🙂

In this example, I entered “enterwebsitename”. As it was available, the “available” icon is displayed as shown in the screen shot below.

Going to the next question, which is to name the website. Sometimes people put in the full domain here, or just simply what the website is about. You could put in a short marketing catchphrase. If you can not think of anything fast, put in something like “Welcome to”. This can be easily changed afterwards so I recommend that you put in a temporary statement and change it later if you want to.

For this run through, I entered “The Name of the web site goes here”. as shown in the screen shot below.

The next thing to do is to choose a look and feel for your website. Choose a look and feel that you like from the list displayed. In this example, I selected the “Hiero” theme as shown in the following screen shot. Don’t worry if this look and feel is not available, just select one from the list that you are happy with.

Build my own website

Next, a ‘confirmation’ screen is displayed, showing your answers. You just click on the “I’m Ready, Build My WebSite Now” button as shown below. This is another way of saying “Build my own website”. Once you click on the “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now” button, your website is moments away. You will be able to access your website on the net.

Build own website

A “hold tight, building website” message is displayed. A few moments later, a built website message is displayed. The website is now built. This post very clearly and very concisely explains how to build own website. 🙂 🙂

How to build own website

If you want to learn how to build own website, I recommend that you follow the approach mentioned above and then you will very quickly see that this approach works, and if you actually do this, you will have built your own website. 🙂 🙂

Let me know how you find this process yourself, after you do it. 🙂 🙂

Let me know if you have any related questions. Just ask them below. I would love to help. 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to build own website”

  1. I really enjoyed this article. I thought that it gave an excellent break down summary of the initial process of setting up wealthy affiliate in an easy to understand manner. I could probably use this as a supplement guide when working through the first few lessons at WA. Great job, keep it up

    • Hi Alec,

      Thanks. As you work through the first few lessons, especially the online video training sessions, take your time and let the concepts sink in, and then build your website. You will find that the theory and the practical aspects reinforce each other.

      Kind Regards,



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