How to create and build websites – Get answers to start now

How to create and build websites – Get answers to start now.

The RELATED presentation shows how to create a Word Press website that can be accessed on the internet. If you were to follow this process yourself using the facilities and tools provided, you would most likely have your own website up and running yourself within a very short period of time.

You can have 2 free websites up and running for free within the domain.

In my opinion, there is no better way to do this, watch a video presentation online, and then do it yourself. You can ‘re-wind’ the video presentation and ‘re-watch’ as often as you need. You can’t do that in other learning environments.

This website for instance is hosted within the domain. I started with the free starter membership option. At this stage after being pleased with the free version, I upgraded to the paid version. This allows me to use my own domain name which I do. Anyway I started my experience using the free starter membership option, and only after learning things, and seeing them online, did I opt for the paid version. I could not be using the paid version if I did not think it is worth every cent. 🙂 You could do the same.

Anyway, have a look at the RELATED video presentation now. It will provide you with what in my opinion is high end quality information on how to create a website and you will have the opportunity to create your own free website yourself. Once you have done this yourself, you will be extremely proud of yourself. 🙂

Whether you opted to view this video presentation or not, you can continue now to see below how you could, with some work, have your own website up and running in a very short period of time. 🙂 🙂

It is just my considered opinion that you would be in a much better position if you view the RELATED video presentation above 🙂 🙂

If you watched the video presentation above, I hope like me and many others, that you enjoyed it very much.

Are you having a hard time creating and building the website you have always wanted? We can help you create and build your website.

Using the tools and information learned recently, the site health of this web site changed from red to green. You too can learn how to do this. It does not matter where on your journey you are, you could be starting from having no knowledge about creating and building websites to having a lot of knowledge about creating and building websites.

This discusses building your website from start to finish yourself following a well traveled path that others have already taken. This approach will empower you in turning your passion into a thriving business which starts with a beautiful website. If you act upon the information provided here and in the follow-up materials, you should have a free website up and running very soon on the Site Rubix domain. We even let you have 2 free websites up and running on the Site Rubix domain if you want. Once you see you own free website up and running on the Site Rubix domain, you will be extremely proud of your achievement and will be most keen to continue.

My Site Rubix Review

  • Site Rubix Review
  • Name: Site Rubix
  • Price:
    Type: Free Starter Monthly Premium Yearly Premium
    Websites: 2 50 50
    Training Classrooms: 2 12 12
    Best For: Getting Started Those Ready to Earn! Those Ready to Earn!
    Pricing: $0 $47 per month $359 per year

    $0 to build up to two free websites on the Site Rubix domain, $47 per month for paid membership. Even better value if you go yearly (which works out as less than $30 per month). Only upgrade after you are happy to do so and not before, it is worth every cent. 🙂

  • My Rating:

SiteHealth from “Needs Work” to “Awesome”

I like to show you the SiteHealth of this website over a period of time. The main idea here is to show that using this Site Rubix SiteHealth tool, I was able to convert it from RED to GREEN by focusing my time and effort on activities that helped me to achieve this goal. There are videos and training available within Site Rubix, where I learned how to create and build a website. There are a lot of pointers and the training focuses in on what needs to be done in order to get things done. I consider this “proper real world highly focused training” which I find I am able to do and implement. This website for instance was created using a lot of training learned here. Of course, I knew other stuff before hand, however what I learned here and implement here allows me to focus my time and attention on the important stuff.
Web Site Health - Red - Site Health Needs WorkWeb Site Health - Orange - Site Health Is Getting BetterWeb Site Health - Blue - Site Health Is Pretty GoodWeb Site Health - Green - Site Health Is Awesome

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You can learn how to do this

You too can learn how to do this. Below is more information which when followed up and acted on by yourself will, in my humble opinion, most likely help you to obtain results as well. I have no way of knowing if your results will be better or worst than mine. Note that you can start from having no website and/or having no website knowledge. By following this plan, that will quickly change. 🙂 🙂

Building websites is fun

Beside building web sites is a lot of fun. I learn things here too. I find the style of doing online step-by-step video presentations great. I can view the online step-by-step video presentations whenever I want. I learn and do things at my own pace. This suits me very well and no doubt suits many other people as well and may suit you as well.

People learn crawling first, then walking, then running and so on. It is the same idea here. Remember learning how to ride a bike when you were a child. It is the same idea here.

Prove to yourself how quick the process is

Prove to yourself how quick the process is. Enter a name for your free website in the space below and then press build it now.

I practice what I preach. This website is hosted here. It is using technology, advise and know-how learned here. Not all know-how though. I picked up other know-how from other sources as well. This is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in learning how to create a website, and have an operational website up on the internet.

Create your free starter account

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Additional Resources

RELATED: The Site Rubix offering is an offering within Wealthy Affiliate. See my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

RELATED: Quick reasons to use Wealthy Affiliate.

RELATED presentation showing how to create a Word Press website.

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to create and build websites – Get answers to start now”

  1. Hey David,

    I am just starting with wealthy affiliate an it is one of a kind program. The best online community is here at wealthy affiliate.

    I like this program overall and what they have to offer. I like that you go in depth into your review. Nice job bro!

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a brilliant one of a kind program. It is brilliant that they keep adding additional benefits to premium membership at no additional cost. I really like the idea that with the free starter membership package you can get some brilliant training and can then apply that practical knowledge in order to create up to two free websites on their platform.

  2. Hi David!

    I am looking into domaincoastclub right now. I already have a domain registered with godaddy but don’t have a host yet. My renewal is coming up in April 2019. Today is March 6th. I plan on getting another domain also in the near future. What if I don’t renew the existing domain with godaddy? Can I buy it with domaincoastclub and will it be cheaper or should I try the transfer? Also, who is hosting for domaincoastclub? Is it one provider and can you call them for help? Originally I wanted to go with hostgator. They have deals for $2.95 a year if you sign up for 36 months and have great live service you can call.

    • Hi Corinna,

      Thank you for your questions. I hope that my answer below helps you out.

      Thank you for looking into becoming a member of Domain Cost Club. It sounds like their Lite yearly membership is the type of membership that would suit you as you are looking to buy up to 5 domains. Should you buy more I believe that you can upgrade your membership type during the year. So that is not a problem.

      It is usually best to transfer your existing domain from one domain registrar to another rather than letting it expire and hoping that you can grab it again in the future. It is expires it goes into some sort of “holding area” where your existing domain registrar will let you purchase it again at quite a high cost. If you do not buy it during this “holding time” it may become available to the general public to buy. I do not know how long you would have to wait. All the time you are waiting, you are also hoping that someone else does not buy it when it does become available.

      Depending on your existing domain registrar and their terms and conditions, you can usually transfer a domain to another domain registrar after some time the purchase. This is usually two months.

      So yes, you can purchase your Domain Cost Club Lite membership for a year today (March 7, 2019). Then within your Domain Cost Club Control Panel, you take the option to transfer a domain and request a quote there. Usually the price is the same as a yearly price to register a domain and they add a year to your term, so the transfer itself usually costs you nothing. You should be able to do this process now so that you domain is transferred over to Domain Cost Club sooner rather than later.

      If you don’t renew with godaddy and you don’t transfer to Domain Cost Club soon, you risk losing your domain name. That may or may not be a big deal to you.

      Once you have a webhost, you can configure your domain name to look at that webhost. You can also take advantage of Domain Cost Club Hosting offer if you want to use it. I already use a top-notch secure WordPress hosting supplier where I can host a good number of websites, which for me is a way better overall package that what other webhosts provide.

      That Hostgator deal that you refer to costs $99 for the three years ($2.75 a month) plus they charge almost $24 extra a year for backups, plus almost $20 a year for protection. All this for only one website that is not WordPress managed. Then when it renews in three years time, they may charge you $250 for the next three years (not the original $99) plus those extras. And you have to manage WordPress yourself and set it up.

      If I have a technical issue with my webhost, I simply open up a helpdesk ticket online. I been with them since January 2015. So far any technical issues have been solved in a timely manner by the webhost’s server admins. I don’t have to call them on the phone, increasing my phone bill like crazy, explaining my problem to the first level helpdesk person, who may not be able to fix the issue, transfer me up their chain of command and wasting my time on things that the webhost should be doing. I much prefer the way my current webhost does it.

      Understanding domains, webhosting and the like can be overwhelming. One way to learn these things is to do this free online course. You learn about other things in this area which you might find of interest. I know that I found this free online course interesting.

      I wish you all the best Corinna,


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