If you are an actor, use an actor domain to connect with your fans


If you are an actor, use an actor domain to connect with your fans

The domain extension is the name on the right of a website name. The ones that people are most likely to be familiar with are .COM, .NET and .ORG

It is now possible to get a domain name ending with .ACTOR
This lets your website users know that you are an actor and is a great way to connect with your fans. Using an .ACTOR domain name makes it very clear that the website is related to well, I wonder, actor news.

Get your actor domain names at-costOver the last while, new “Top Level Domains” (TLDs”) have been released, including the .ACTOR extension.

Now that you know that there is a TLD extension name of .ACTOR in use at the moment, you are better informed than most. 🙂

These TLDs are adding additional options when people and business are considering domain names.

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If you are an actor, use an .ACTOR domain to connect with your fans

An actor website could allow an actor to connect with their fans in different ways. It could allow an actor to comment on different works that they were and are involved with to better communicate information regarding those works. They might even be authorized and allowed to communicate about these projects directly on their own website.

An actor website could showcase films

There could be categories about different films that the actor worked on along with photos and/or videos of things that happened during filming that other people could find interesting. This interesting information could help to sell the film when it is make available to the general public. Of course, I am assuming that the actor has the necessary authorizations and permissions to do this, however it could add interest in the film.

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