Internet based businesses for everyone, including maybe you!

Internet based businesses for everyone, including maybe you!

This website provides Quality information for all on this amazing journey. Here you can learn about different options which will help you on your internet based businesses journey.

This website has got two main closely related themes. The first one is creating and building a website. Now before you say I cannot create and build a website, I invite you to look at the following online video presentation:

The presentation shows how to create a Word Press website that can be accessed on the internet. If you were to follow this process yourself using the facilities and tools provided, you would most likely have your own website up and running yourself within a very short period of time.

You can have 2 free websites up and running for free within the domain.

Yes, for free. On the free starter membership option you have access to a number of training materials, including more online video presentations which are in my opinion as good as, if not better, than the creating and building a website online video presentation mentioned above. Of course, with the paid membership option you have access to a lot more training materials, including a lot more online video presentations. For now, I just want you to focus on the free starter membership option. Give if a spin and see how it goes. If you are serious in running one or more internet based businesses, you will find this great. 🙂

In my opinion, there is no better way to do this, watch a video presentation online, and then do it yourself. You can ‘re-wind’ the video presentation and ‘re-watch’ as often as you need. You can’t do that in other learning environments. 🙂

This website ( for instance is hosted within the domain. I started with the free starter membership option.

This discusses building your website from start to finish yourself following a well traveled path that others have already taken. This approach will empower you in turning your passion into a thriving business which starts with a beautiful website. If you act upon the information provided here and in the follow-up materials, you should have a free website up and running very soon on the Site Rubix domain. We even let you have 2 free websites up and running on the Site Rubix domain if you want. Once you see you own free website up and running on the Site Rubix domain, you will be extremely proud of your achievement and will be most keen to continue.

You can learn how to do this

You too can learn how to do this. Below is more information which when followed up and acted on by yourself will, in my humble opinion, most likely help you to obtain results as well. I have no way of knowing if your results will be better or worst than mine. Note that you can start from having no website and/or having no website knowledge. By following this plan, that will quickly change. 🙂 🙂

Building websites is fun

Beside building web sites is a lot of fun. I learn things here too. I find the style of doing online step-by-step video presentations great. I can view the online step-by-step video presentations whenever I want. I learn and do things at my own pace. This suits me very well and no doubt suits many other people as well and may suit you as well.

People learn crawling first, then walking, then running and so on. It is the same idea here. Remember learning how to ride a bike when you were a child. It is the same idea here.

Prove to yourself the process. Enter a name for your free website in the space below and then press build it now.

Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate, what is the link?

The Site Rubix offering is an offering within Wealthy Affiliate. See my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Hey, you said that this website has 2 main closely related themes. What is the second one?

Good question. The second main closed related theme is related to the web domain business which also is mainly internet based. Every single domain name out there is registered with a Domain registrar. I ask the question, could this be the perfect Internet based business?

Watch the video above to find out if this is the perfect internet based business for you. Learn more here.

Some very interesting January 2015 Statistics

These days, many people are online. There were over 3,000,000,000 internet users by January 2015. In January 2015, there were over 876,000,000 websites out there. The websites that you see on the internet have a domain name associated with it. The domain name is registered with a domain name registrar. There is a transaction to register a domain name. Money changed hands when very single one of those domain names was registered and again every time they are renewed. Money also changes hands when a domain name is moved from one registrar to another registrar.

Hey, any more information on this amazing subject?

Yes, loads. More information is available:
Go back in this article to watch the video about Domain Cost Club by clicking here.
Learn more about Domain Cost Club here.
See “Domain Business, could it be the perfect home based business” article here.
See our review of Domain Cost Club here.
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Let the rest of our readership and me know if you have any applicable thoughts on these great subjects by leaving your applicable thoughts below. Many thanks. 🙂

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