My easy way on how to build a website for dummies

My easy way on how to build a website for dummies

In this context when I mention dummies, I mean beginners or people just starting to learn about the great skill of being able to build a website. Having this skill is invaluable in today’s information oriented world. The great thing is that today, you can leverage time saving tools that can assist you in building your website the easy way. Also you could be a software developer who knows some underlying website building languages like HTML or HTML5 or Javascript or PHP or whatever. Whilest it is great to know these website building languages, using some great tools, it is possible to build websites very fast which I think is more valuable. If you know or do not know these underlying website building languages, no worries as my easy way to build websites does not involve actually knowing these underlying website building langauges.

Use a great website building process

Over 30% of websites today are build using a great website content management system called WordPress. WordPress itself has a core base, and has many addons that were developed by many people in the website building world. These addons are being added to all the time. A number of addons are chargeable by the marketers/developers of that particular addon, and many addon are not chargeable by the marketers/developers of that particular addon. The addons themselves can be installed and implemented easily. You do need to check by testing that the addons do what you want them to do. If they do not, it is usually a matter of continuing your research until you find something suitable, like what you do in other areas of your life.

Install website building software, no way. Use a webhost that allows you to build websites online the easy way

With a number of webhosts, you have to install WordPress yourself. With this setup, you need to install WordPress and a database on your own personal computer, install WordPress into your webhosting account, install the applicable database into your webhosting account, do the necessary, and then upload that information to your webhost. I recommend very strongly that you bypass this step, by using a webhost that has already done this work and make the process a lot easier. A bit like driving a car, you do not have to be a mechanic to drive a car. 🙂

Are you a car mechanic or a car driver?

I recommend using a webhost that already has a lot of the ground work already done for you. In this context, you, as the website builder is the driver of the car. You expect the car to work and when it does not, you take it to a garage to get it fixed. That way your time and energy is spent actually driving between different places, which is what a car is great for assuming there are good roads between the different places. 🙂

Same idea with building a website for dummies here, I wrote an article earlier, well actually, captured a number of screenshots showing how easy it actually is to build a website. You can see my Step by Step Pictures Showing How To Build A Website here.

How to build a website for dummies

Try out this process yourself. You can build up to 2 free websites on the siterubix domain here. You can follow the great online video presentations and other great related information online. Do this, and you may have a few lifeskills you did not have earlier. 🙂

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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