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Map of worldwide top level domains a few years agoMy reviews

I look forward to welcoming you when you join up under me in one or more of these. 🙂

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  1. Davis a few suggestions that I “think” should be implemented into your website…given that this requires an investment I think it is only logical that you insert an ROI projection…something like how many sales it will take for the invest to recoup their #. Whenever I personally view income opportunities on the web I ALWAYS look for an income disclosure…in other words how much money do REAL people make selling this product? Seems like many odf the posts are dated 2014…anything more current? Who is the competition and how does this company rank against them? I’d also like to see success stories. Hope this didn’t come across too critical and is received in the intended spirit.


    • Hi Sal,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I think that they come across as critical however I understand that you have concerns. So on that basis, I will answer them.

      You wondered is there anything more recent than 2014. The answer is Yes.

      In order to be fair to me, I need to point out that there are no posts on this website that are dated before 2015, so I can only assume that you are talking about posts on other websites. If you enter “Domain Cost Club” in the search bar on this website, currently there are 27 results. Each of these results is an article I wrote between Feburary 21, 2015 and June 25, 2015.

      If you go to my Domain Cost Club Affiliate link here:

      And then click on the Our Blog at the Domain Cost Club website, you will see that Domain Cost Club also write articles

      on a regular basis. You will notice that this is about once a week, meaning that there about 25 articles in there that are dated in 2015.

      Also I did a comparison a while back. At the time the following potential savings per domain name could be achieved by Domain Cost Club Members for domains obtained via Domain Cost Club:

      You see that then for a domain name with the .ACCOUNTANTS extension name, the recommended retail price is $130 per year. Domain Cost Club Members can buy .ACCOUNTANTS domain names via Domain Cost Club for $66 each. I looked again just now, and this is still the case.

      There are over 250 domain name extensions now that can be purchased via Domain Cost Club. Some of which have these huge potential savings per domain name.

      I wrote my personal review of Domain Cost Club here:

      You will also see that there are a number of comments at the bottom of that article, and that I have replied to each comment. Maybe some of those questions and answers will help you in your research.

      Hope this helps you in your research, I just happen to think that it is a good deal.



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