My Wealthy Affiliate Progress Report, 20 weeks in


My Wealthy Affiliate Progress Report, 20 weeks in

There are a few things that I really like about Wealthy Affiliate.

One of them is the fact that I can move at my own steady pace doing what I think is important now. When I started off initially with Wealthy Affiliate that was viewing and listening to the Wealthy Affiliate training videos which so far I find great.

Starting on the free starter membership

On the free starter membership option which I recommend you start with, you will have access to course 1 which contains 10 lessons. You will also have access to course 1 of the affiliate boot camp which also contains 10 lessons. If you do all this training and practice it too, you will then be in a much better position to determine for yourself if you would like to proceed further.

Keep learning new relevant information in an effective manner

The concept here is the same as the “working smart rather than working harder” concept. The same concept can apply to learning also. I reckon I have learned a lot however realize that I have only just started to learn things. Things make a lot more sense after doing the training, then doing, then re-doing. I find that I spend time re-doing things and when I am re-doing things, I need to remember that Kyle, you will like his style of presenting information in the online video presentations, said in at least one of his videos, get the quality content out there and keep generating the quality content. I don’t always remember this. 🙂

Currently I have 3 websites up within Wealthy Affiliate, this being one of them. The Site Health of this one has reached the green status with the green description of “SiteHealth is Awesome”, which I am thrilled and delighted about. 🙂

I have images of the Wealthy Affiliate SiteHealth progress bars going from red, to orange, to blue, then to green “SiteHealth is Awesome” at the following page, about half way down. Have a look for yourself by clicking here.
Seeing the SiteHealth progress bars change colors in that manner was interesting and exciting to say the least. Maybe the SiteHealth progress of your websites will also be interesting and exciting to say the least? 🙂

Next goals…

The next goals are to continue on with the training. I spent time getting my websites up and running, so I need to continue on with the training, get more quality content in each of them, get all three to a green status with the green description of “SiteHealth is Awesome”. Because I am doing this on a part time basis as I have other commitments, maybe like you, this is going to take me some time. I don’t know how much time, however someone mentioned “Rome was not built in a day, however they built every day”, so I am following that approach. I do know that by continuing this process, that my time will be well spent.

See my review of Wealthy Affiliate

See my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. You can get free starter membership to start to see if this is something that you too will like. Who knows, you could be writing your Wealthy Affiliate progress report in a short period of time on your own website (only if you want to, of course)? 🙂

I welcome any related comments. Please feel free to enter them below for our readership. Cheers. 🙂

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