New web domain extensions available on August 5, 2015

New web domain extensions available on August 5, 2015

First you need a quick overview of what Domain Cost Club is all about. See my review here.

With Domain Cost Club there is no stock for you to buy for resales, so you never have the problems associated with handling, financing and managing stock.

I am very passionate about this because I think everyone should have at least one domain name and this approach appeals to me. 🙂


Domain Cost Club is live and open for immediate registration. I currently have 4 domains registered with Domain Cost Club. I became a Domain Cost Club member in November 2014 and am now a Lifetime Charter Member because it makes so much sense. I am not asking you to do something that I have not done myself. 🙂

The five new top level domain extensions available on August 5, 2015

Domain Cost Club on a continuous basis is adding new domain extensions. On August 5, 2015, five new domain name extensions became available and were added to the Domain Cost Club list. 🙂

Domain Cost Club Members do not need to shop around, as Domain Cost Club has At-Cost pricing to ensure you are getting the best deal on every domain purchased via your Domain Cost Club Membership. Not yet a member? Click here to learn more and join today.

Please remember, no matter what business or businesses you are in, it is very important to get in early while the best names are still available. A small investment today can pay off later in a big way, as the early .COM people could tell you. If you are not able to get your .COM name of choice, consider one or more of the domain extension names that are now available. Dot COM is not the only game in town. 🙂

Pricing as of August 5, 2015

Domain Extension Domain Cost Club Member Price GoDaddy (Registration) Domain Cost Club Member Savings GoDaddy (Renewal) Cost Club Member Savings
.ACCOUNTANT $19.98 $27.99 $8.01 $39.99 $20.01
.DOWNLOAD $19.98 $27.99 $8.01 $39.99 $20.01
.LOAN $19.98 $27.99 $8.01 $39.99 $20.01
.RACING $19.98 $27.99 $8.01 $39.99 $20.01
.WIN $19.98 $27.99 $8.01 $39.99 $20.01

As you can see, Domain Cost Club Members can make some really good savings on as many domains they buy via Domain Cost Club.

Update on August 26, 2015. Read all about it.

Additional pricing information as of August 26, 2015

Domain Cost Club Members can purchase .RACING domains for $0.25 each for the first year. Recommended retail price is $38.00 for the first year. Domain Cost Club Member savings of $37.75 for each .RACING domain that they registrar.
Domain Cost Club Members can purchase .WIN domains for $0.25 each for the first year. Recommended retail price is $38.00 for the first year. Domain Cost Club Member savings of $37.75 for each .WIN domain that they registrar.

Always check the Domain Cost Club website for current prices and any other terms and conditions.

Some really good savings to be made

As you can see, Domain Cost Club Members can make some really good savings on as many domains they buy via Domain Cost Club.
If you are not yet a Member of Domain Cost Club, you can join here and start saving money on domain names you buy via your Domain Cost Club membership straight away.

Here is the all important link so that you can learn more.

Let me know if you have any applicable thoughts on this great subject by leaving your applicable thoughts below. Many thanks.

10 thoughts on “New web domain extensions available on August 5, 2015”

  1. Hmm, I did check these extensions on Godaddy and you’re right about the savings, but are these extensions even good?

    If you can buy a .com, why waste the money on these extensions? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see why people would want this if there’s already a better and cheaper choice (.com).

    • Hi Vitaliy,

      They are new extensions. They are competing more and more with the well established dot com extension.

      Some big businesses are starting to use these new domain name extensions themselves.

      General Motors for instance have

      Google paid over $25,000,000 to use the entire .APP top level domain name.

      If your dot com name of choice is available, I would grab it. However if it is not, than considering these new extensions is an option. Always good to have a choice. 🙂

      Some of the extensions, make it much clearer what the website is about, before you go to it, like for example,

      It will be interesting to see how this all pans out over the next 10 years.



  2. Thanks for this informative article. I have been involved in MLMs before and really quickly got a bad feeling about them all because of the pressure there is to recruit people (i.e. friends and family).

    Here are some of the questions I have based on my earlier bad experiences with MLM:

    (1) Are there any minimums buys monthly to quality and start getting paid on your downlines?

    (2) Do they supply marketing materials like the video you have here, and do you have to pay for such marketing materials?

    (3) Is there a marketing web site with your own domain supplied that you have to pay for on an annual basis on top of initial

    (4) Do they offer another web site set up for you that can add to your sell program and if so is that cost extra, and how much extra?

    (5) With such a program, getting the word out is key, the big boys are the standard bearers for the market (i.e. GoDaddy, NameCheao, etc.)…Is the owner of this program doing any marketing, and if so where?

    (6) There is a select audience this would apply to. Obviously the one time buyers of a domain or two may not be interested, but the ones who speculate may be…Any estimate on how big that niche is?

    (7) Getting in early makes sense of course with an MLM program. The whole reason I have such distaste for MLM programs however, is that they sell a dream to those latter buy-in members that is simply not achievable, The market gets saturated very quickly, I would think this one faster than most.

    So…Those coming in at the end have little to no chance of making money, and the fees to get they pay to get in, well, they get sucked upline…

    These people signing up at the end are often the ones who also can least afford to lose money, they are desperate and looking for a way to make money not lose it.

    (8) Because this MLM offers a real product/service, it is legal. I understand this. But overall, the similarity to a pyramid scheme is uncanny, and we all know how these turn out over time…What makes this one different?

    OK, enough questions. I appreciate the article and think it was well presented and informative. Please do not take the above in a negative manner…

    The questions I ask are ones that all potential investors should be asking and likely would/will ask, so your answers here will likley not only inform me on my concerns, but help you answer the potential enlistees, and get you more business!

    Thanks and have a great day!

    : )

    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your questions.

      Here are the answers:

      1. There are no monthly quotas. As long as you maintain a Membership with Domain Cost Club, you are eligible to earn commissions and bounties. Membership tiers are currently available at $99 per year, or $499 for life.
      I practice what I preach. I became an annual Domain Cost Club Member last November and a few short months later, upgraded to become a Domain Cost Club Lifetime Charter Member because it makes so much sense. No more paying retail prices for Domain names for me. 🙂

      2. All marketing materials are included with Membership. Please refer to the Membership comparison table, namely the “Affiliate Starter Kit” entries at:

      Or, if you prefer:

      Page down to the section called “What Else comes with My Membership?”

      3. I am unsure of what this question is asking for. Maybe this will answer your question. If you purchase a domain with Domain Cost Club and you are a Domain Cost Club Member, you are able to “park” it to look at your Domain Cost Club replicated page for no additional fee.

      When I buy domains via my Domain Cost Club Member, they look at: for no additional fee.

      Then if I want to, I point the named servers for that new domain to look at where I actually host websites. At the moment, all of my domains are registered with Domain Cost Club and I have them all pointing to my web host.

      4. I’m not sure what this question is asking for. Domain Cost Club do not offer any other commissionable items besides Domain Cost Club Memberships.

      5. Domain Cost Club do not market this program internally, as that would directly conflict with Domain Cost Club affiliates, myself included and potentially you. 🙂

      This would affect Domain Cost Club affiliates ability to market the Domain Cost Club offerings. Domain Cost Club do not want to interfere with Domain Cost Club Members’ abilities to generate referral revenue.

      6. Unfortunately I do not have an answer to this question. People who are interested in making money online referring others to online businesses, people who have several domains in a portfolio and could save money with Domain Cost Club, as well as those who are interested in investing in many domain names, are all potential prospects of Domain Cost Club. How many people there are in these markets? I do not have an answer to this, however it is substantial enough that the Domain Cost Club program has seen strong growth throughout their first year.

      7. Domain Cost Club has existed for just under one year. Domain Cost Club is still growing, and regardless of when a new Member joins, they have an equal opportunity to refer others and generate commission and bounties, just as someone who joined on day one.

      8. Domain Cost Club is a sister company of Global Domains International (GDI), which has been a domain registry and player in the multi-level marketing business since 1999, over 14 years. GDI is still going strong to this day, and has a similar network marketing program that Domain Cost Club offers. Upon the announcement of new domain extensions being launched a few years ago, GDI decided to create a new income opportunity geared towards selling these new domains at the lowest price possible, all through a Membership program.

      Domain Cost Club’s longevity will be proven by those who are tired of paying marked-up prices elsewhere for the same services Domain Cost Club offers. A great deal of Domain Cost Club business has been generated not from new domain owners, but those who want to save money by transferring all of their domains to Domain Cost Club, myself included.

      Domain Cost Club and I believe that as long as people need domain names, Domain Cost Club will prove useful.

      If you have any more questions in the future, please do not hesitate to ask!

      You can find out more information about Domain Cost Club here:

      Or, if you prefer:


  3. This is a very professional looking website. I appreciate how your responses to the comments were thorough and well thought out. It’s difficult to decide what’s a legitimate business concept and what isn’t and your facts are an important part of that.

    I’m not a candidate for that program, by any means, but other visitors will be able to make an informed decision based on your content.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Just so you know, if you are not currently a candidate for this program, you can still use my link and buy domains paying the current recommended prices for those domains. From personal experience, I find that the backend area where you would manage these domains in Domain Cost Club is much easier to use than the backend area used to manage domains than other domain registrars I have used in the past. You may also find this is the case.

      For example, you could buy a .COM domain, using my link paying the recommended retail price of $15.00, instead of the Domain Cost Club Member’s price of $7.85, In this case I do not get a commission. However I am hoping that you find Domain Cost Club good, and decide for yourself that you want to become a Domain Cost Club Member. If or when you do opt to upgrade to Domain Cost Club Membership in the future, I will be awarded a commission or bounty at that time and you will then be placed in my down-line in the appropriate spot.

      Currently, there are some really good savings to be make now (August 26, 2015). These vary from time to time depending on promotional offers made to Domain Cost Club from the underlying “owners/managers” of the domain extensions. For instance the “owner/manager” of the XYZ domain extension is different to the “owner/manager” of the COM domain extension. From time to time, these “owners/managers” have special promotions. Currently (August 26, 2015) some really good promotions offers include. Please note that these may or may not be applicable when you read this if you are reading this days or weeks or years in the future. 🙂

      .REVIEW, .WIN, .RACING – Domain Cost Club Members can purchase for $0.25 each for the first year. Recommended retail price is $38.00 for the first year.

      .XYZ – Domain Cost Club Members can purchase for $1.00 each for the first year. Recommended retail price is $14.00 for the first year.

      .LOL – Domain Cost Club Members can purchase for $2.00 each for the first year. Recommended retail price is $38.00 for the first year.



  4. Hi David

    I dint know you can pay member ship for the domain hoisting go daddy site,

    What is the benefit by doing this i thought the hole point was to search a domain then by an be done with it?

    Could you write back to me please this has been bugging,

    Thank you ..

    • Hi Jack,

      Domain Cost Club allows people to buy domains using special at-cost pricing. In order for Domain Cost Club to do this, they charge a membership fee, and if you are a Domain Cost Club Member, and you refer people to Domain Cost Club who purchase Domain Cost Club Membership, you get credit.

      If you only buy one or two domains per year and are not interested in the referral program at Domain Cost Club, than you may be better off buying your domains at the full retail price domain registrar’s charge.

      Have a look at the video presentation at the top of this page. If you have questions after that about Domain Cost Club, reply to this.

      Kind Regards,


  5. with the world growing and developing to some stages people are required to create websites and create some income for themselves where it is needed this can even prevent boring because you can just keep yourself busy

    thanks for the valuable information and more educative one and please keep me updated for future use



    • Hi Jose,

      Yes, I agree with you that people need to create websites in order to create additional opportunities for themselves. As websites need to be associated with a domain name or indeed domain names, it makes sense to look at the domain name industry. There are millions of websites out there and also millions of domain names out there. Each domain name needs to be registered with a domain name register. Domain Cost Club allow you the opportunity to get involved with the domain name industry and you can even start now.

      Domain Cost Club currently allows Domain Cost Club Members to register name names in over 315 currently available top level domain names. Examples of the available top level domain names that became available in 2016 alone, include .GAMES, .TUBE, .STORE, .GAME and .MOM

      When you visit this website, if you press CONTROL and D at the same time, you can add my website to your favourite websites. This option is available on a lot of different browsers, so hopefully it is available on the browsers you use. Then you will be able to visit my website when you like. 🙂

      Kind Regards,


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