What is a site builder?

What is a site builder?

These days, us humans use many tools and technology to make our lives easier, both professionally and privately. Many people and most organisations have a presence on the internet, usually in the form of a website or indeed websites. In order to build and maintain websites, tools exist that make the whole process of building and maintaining a website much easier than earlier.

A website builder can be used without knowing technically how the whole thing works. With a really good website builder, you can answer a few questions, select a ‘look and feel’ for your website and then click a ‘build me now’ button. Seconds later, that website is up and running on the internet. Of course, you will then have to maintain it by adding articles that other people will find useful.

If you have websites, you do need in my opinion your own domain name, mine at this website is called djtrlm.com and I purchase my domain names these days from a company called Domain Cost Club as they allow members to purchase domain names at great prices and do not charge extra for domain privacy services, this is a big plus.

My previous domain name registrar charges $9.99 per domain name per year for domain privacy services and with currently 16 domain names, this is saving me $159.84 per year, just for the domain privacy services component alone.

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A site builder in the website building world is modern technology being used to build websites very fast that look great. I personally use the Site Rubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate to help me build my websites. I am so impressed with the process that I wrote an article on this earlier.

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Just by answering a few questions and selecting a ‘look and feel’ for the website I can have the bare bones of a website up and operational on the internet, in less than a few minutes. I went through the process capturing some screenshots a while back and wrote an article on this earlier. This shows that the process is quick and easy.

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A website builder allows the bare bones of a website to be built very quickly. This is a great skill to have these days. As mentioned earlier, I personally use the Site Rubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate to help me build my websites as I find the ‘whole deal’ great. Wealthy Affiliate also provide video presentations showing how to build websites and explaining a number of tools and techniques used. They show, you can then do yourself and then you have the practical knowhow.

I practice what I preach. This website is hosted here. It is using technology, advise and know-how learned here. Not all know-how though. I picked up other know-how from other sources as well. This is highly recommended.

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