What is a web domain name, in everyday English?

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What exactly is a web domain name, in everyday English, not in computer technical geek language I hear you ask?

Good question. When a web server computer is connected to the internet, it usually uses a communication protocol to communicate with other computers that are also connected to the internet.

On the internet, each computer has a special address, the concept is similar to a phone number

Each computer has a unique name so when one computer wants to communicate with another, it starts a computer communication with it, a bit like the way you pick up your mobile phone (also known as a cell phone) and call a friend of yours. You can’t phone your friend unless you know your friend’s phone number.

The computer’s phone number is a special number usually in 999.999.999.999:9999 format. For example

google.com is a web domain name that at the name of writing this is using
The “:9999” part is a port number, think of like another door into a house. This defaults to 80 when accessing normal websites. When accessing a secure website that ‘door’ is more secure and is usually port 243 and the two computer communicate with each other using encryption to help protect the information being transmitted.

Imagine instead of putting google.com in your internet browser, you had to put in instead.
Putting in instead of google.com would work, however it is much easier to put in google.com

Using domain names is much easier than using these special addresses

Using google.com is much much easier than using that long number. Each website you visit on the internet has an address in that long number format. So after doing your business with google, you then want to jump over to your bank, which would also have a long number format address.

Behind the scenes, a service translates google.com into

Currently at the time of writing this, domain names ending with dot com are the most popular. As the internet has become so popular, many more alternative names after the dot are becoming available. Examples include .GURU and .BAR

What is a web domain name?

A web domain name is a name that is associated with a website or indeed can be associated with multiple websites on the same web server. Web domain names must be registered and to keep them active they must be renewed every so often, usually every year or two, up to ten years at a time on payment of the applicable fees.

Buy web domain names

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Registering web domain names

Nearly anyone can register a web domain name, so you can buy a unique web domain name for your website. Hopefully the web domain name you want is not currently registered to someone else, so you need to be quick. When a web domain name is registered and the owner keeps renewing it before it expires, that web domain name stays with that owner. If that owner forgets to renew it, that web domain name becomes available for others to potentially register.

OK, what do you do now?

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Of course, if you have any related comments, please leave them below. No doubt other readers of this would like to see alternative definitions for what is a web domain name as well and you could help.

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  1. Thanks, David, for writing this piece. I have been getting a bit confused about the domain name and the webhosting. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank Akoli for the feedback. Hope it helped to clarify some things for you. Thanks for dropping by.

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