What is meditation?

What is meditation?

OK, Meditation is a bit of topic for the main topic on this website, that focusses on building websites. Please bear with me. Meditation is a life skill that you can learn relatively quickly and start doing. By starting doing, you can develop a daily meditation practice that does not really take up too much time, you can start with 3 minutes a day and built it up at your pace and if you want to. One benefit that people who practice meditation on a regular daily basis is that they develop their concentration skills, which brings me back to the main topic of this website, that focusses on building websites.

What benefits does meditation offer?

Meditation is a practice with profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. The key to these benefits and the transformation it can bring, is developing a daily meditation practice. Developing a daily meditation practice is not too difficult. With the help of this course, I am now completed 23 days, and learned and practiced a few different meditation techniques. I am in week 3 of a 5 week course, and expect in less than 2 weeks to learn more about meditation techniques. After trying out a few different meditation techniques, I will then be in a position to determine which meditation techniques I am the most comfortable with.

Why build a daily meditation practice?

Good question. Because in a nutshell, you know meditation is good for you. Loads of studies indicate over 70 benefits of meditation. So consistency is essential in building a daily meditation practice. Some people find it challenging to build a daily habit. I know I do. 🙂

Maybe it is a lack of time, or a lack of discipline or a lack of motivation. The creater of this course has studied habit-building science, and developed all sorts of habits throughout his life. So here are some tips that he would like me to share with you, as they relate to creating a strong meditation practice.

Start small

It is better to start really small, so there is absolutely no excuse for you to skip your practice. For beginners he usually recommends starting with 5 minutes a day and increase that by 1 minute per week, until you are practicing somewhere between 20 minutes and 60 minutes per day. The amount of time you put into your daily meditation practice is up to you.


At the end of every session, commit to show up for your practice the following day.

Never zero

This means that every day you will practice, even if only 5 minutes. Make it a non-negotiable part of your life. I have found that weekend days I usually practice later in the day then for a weekday. However, that is me. Because of the newer zero guideline, I now practice every day, there are no exceptions.

No expectations

Nothing kills motivation quicker than unmet expectations. Although you should start to benefit from meditation after doing it every day for a few weeks, know that most of the benefits from meditation come only after months or years of daily practice. So letting go of expectations sounds like a smart strategy. I enjoy my meditation time in any case.

Be prepared

Sometimes you will feel tired, busy, or “not in the mood”. Be mentally prepared to meet those challenges with the “never zero” idea, and do the practice no matter what.

Joyful attitude

Meditation is not a task, but a precious moment to go deep inside yourself. Enjoy the practice, and it will be easy to keep it up. Hopefully these tips can be helpful in your journey. If you’d like more help in building a strong meditation habit, strengthening your concentration, and finding the ideal technique for you, I invite you to have a look at this meditation course, Master Your Mind.

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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