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Why would you become a Wealthy Affiliate member?

Free Starter Membership at Wealthy AffiliateMy review of Wealthy Affiliate outlines why exactly you should become a member.

  • My Rating:
  • Product: Wealthy Affiliate Membership.
  • Pros: Learn how to create and build websites in order to earn revenue.
  • Cons: None, if you are really interested in earning revenue from the internet and understand up front that you need to learn how to do this.
  • Price:
    Type: Free Starter Monthly Premium Yearly Premium
    Websites: 2 50 50
    Training Classrooms: 2 12 12
    Best For: Getting Started Those Ready to Earn! Those Ready to Earn!
    Pricing: $0 $47 per month $359 per year

    $0 to build up to two free websites within the Wealthy Affiliate hosting environment, $47 per month for paid membership. Even better value if you go yearly (which works out as less than $30 per month). Only upgrade after you are happy to do so and not before, it is worth every cent. 🙂

    Do what I did. Get a free starter account. Upgraded to monthly after a few weeks, once I completed 20 lessons of free training, then before the second month, upgraded to yearly. I am now in my second year of premium yearly membership. 🙂 🙂
    I am not asking you to do something that I am not doing myself. 🙂

  • Membership Benefits: Training showing how to choose an interest, build a website, attract visitors and earn revenue.

Wealthy Affiliate Review showing why you should become a member

Wealthy Affiliate is for you, if you are interested in learning how to earn revenue working on the internet. You can start this in your spare time at home connected to the internet.

This discusses getting started in building a website earning revenue working at home connected to the internet. I highly recommend this. I practice what I preach. This website is hosted here. It is using technology, advise and know-how learned here. Not all know-how though. I picked up other know-how from other sources as well. This is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in learning how to create a website, and have an operational website up on the internet.

It does not make any difference where you are on your quest in building a website in order to earn revenue. You could be researching it, starting it or are already successfully doing this with various degrees of success. Wealthy Affiliate is for you. I explain why below and provide you with the opportunity to get your free $0 Starter Membership account now.

Quick Overview of Wealthy Affiliate

Here, I review Wealthy Affiliate which I recommend if you are interested in working at home connected to the internet. Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of step-by-step training designed to help you get your website (or websites) up and running with a lot of applicable internet marketing advice that should help you a lot and save you a ton of time and expense. I wish I found them sooner.

They provide support and guidance through step-by-step training, through self motivation, and the more you know and the more you learn, the more you do. Without learning you are not able to do anything. For instance in everyday life, I remember learning how to ride my first bike. My parents put training wheels on my bike, and provided support and guidance, and the next thing I knew, I was riding my bike the way young children do.

The same applies here. In many sports it is so much well focused practice that allows players to achieve their sporting success. This allows them to score so much. That is what is going to happen when you get trained properly, however you must also practice properly.

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Now for my take on Wealthy Affiliate

It is easy to get help

When you have your Wealthy Affiliate account and are logged into Wealthy Affiliate, it is easy to get help. There are a different help options available. Choose the one that makes the most sense when you have a relevant question or indeed relevant questions. One of the options available is Live Chat, which is available for starter members for an initial period. For premium members this is available.

Step-by-step training is available

When you have your Wealthy Affiliate account and are logged into Wealthy Affiliate, step-by-step training is available. You will have access to all the training provided in two classrooms in the free starter membership option. With the premium membership option, you will have access to more, a lot more.

  • NB You should only upgrade to premium after you have experienced the free starter membership option and are happy to do so. This is what I did. I explored the free starter membership for a while and then upgraded to premium membership when I was ready and not before I was ready.

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Free websites are included

When you have your Wealthy Affiliate account and are logged into Wealthy Affiliate, and with the RELATED free starter membership option, you are able to create 2 free websites yourself. Training is provided, so if you can watch videos and follow instructions, you should be able to create websites yourself. No need to pay a web developer a ton of money to do this for you. And you have more control over your websites as well. Which means you are able to change things quickly yourself should you want to. Talk about a competitive advantage.

Web Hosting is included.

When you have your RELATED Wealthy Affiliate account, web hosting is included. With the free starter membership option, this includes up to and including 2 websites within the Wealthy Affiliate hosting environment. With the premium membership option, you can use your own web domains and more features are also available. You move at your own pace.

Who should join Wealthy Affiliate

In a nutshell, everyone. Let me explain why. This is great for anyone, old or young, who is interested in learning how to earn an income working from home on the internet. The training here shows you how to:

  • Choose an Interest
  • Build a Website
  • Attract Visitors
  • Earn Revenue

You can start doing this in your spare time at home connected to the internet. These days, most people are connected to the internet, including you right now as you are reading this.

Once you implement the information that Wealthy Affiliate provides, your online business should know no bounds. Know that the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate is step-by-step training.

Try it for FREE

Yes, you can try out Wealthy Affiliate for free. When I was a boy, I used to get stamps on approval. Then I either returned the stamps or paid money to keep them.

This is much, much better. You sign up for the RELATED free starter membership option. Explore what is available, learn lots, put up a website or two. Go through as much of the step-by-step training that is available to members on the free starter membership option. Build a website or two.

All this for $0 … no credit card required. It seems crazy and that is because it is. You will not find training this good anywhere and support like this anywhere.

There is a Premium option that you should consider, however that will only give you access to a lot more. A lot more as shown in the following comparison grid below.

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If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your RELATED free Starter membership. This is where you can learn about internet marketing and how to build an online business. Within the free starter membership, I was able to watch videos which showed me how to get a website up and running using their tools. I did not know about all the useful things explained in their videos. The free starter membership allows you to create 2 free websites online.

With the free Starter membership, you will have access to a number of online classrooms, and associated how to videos. These videos show different aspects of working from home. For instance, they show how to get a website up and running using their tools in a very short time period. You will most likely learn lots with this. I for one wish I found them earlier. With this free membership option, you join for free and learn about how to work from home. You will have to put in time and effort however if you follow their training, it should be good for you as well.

I learn things here too. I find the style of doing online step-by-step video presentations great. I can view the online step-by-step video presentations whenever I want. I learn and do things at my own pace. This suits me very well and no doubt suits many other people as well and may suit you as well.

People learn crawling first, then walking, then running and so on. It is the same idea here. Remember learning how to ride a bike when you were a child.

I practice what I preach. This website is hosted here. It is using technology, advise and know-how learned here. Not all know-how though. I picked up other know-how from other sources as well. This is highly recommended.

–> Click here if you want Training, Support, Websites and Success Online!
–> Get your free starter membership account now!

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Why would you become a Wealthy Affiliate member?”

  1. Thanks a bunch for creating this site. I found the information interesting and very educational to what it takes to be a success in marketing will visit again for more reading and updates. Thanks again, Chris

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you found the information interesting and educational. Thanks for dropping by.
      I will be adding an article soon on two WordPress plugins and why I disabled one of them.
      Thanks again for dropping by and providing feedback.
      Kind Regards,

  2. David,
    You provided a very comprehensive analysis of WA to anyone visiting your website and interested in learning how to build an online business for him/herself. I loved how you stated several times that you “practice what you preach”. You told the visitors that in order to create a successful business, they would have to invest time and effort into building it. It does not happen by luck and you indicated to visitors that this definitely would be the case upon joining WA.
    A great job on your part, sir!

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to comment on my article. I do not see how someone could give a fair review unless they experienced something for themselves at some stage in their lives or got feedback from someone that they personally know and trust or did a lot of research.

      There is an amount of ‘working smart and hard’, and in order to work smart, people need highly focused know-how and practical know-how, these are available within Wealthy Affiliate if you want to build a website and become involved in affiliate marketing on the internet.

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks again for your comments.



  3. Hi David , Why would someone become member of WA?…hmmmm…..Not easy to answer…There are many reasons for that.My own perspective?

    WA is not promising success to anyone – Honesty

    The training is so huge , updated and following the latest search engines guidelines , can not be found anywhere else. – Quality and Quantity

    The owners are participating in the forum and the live chat and they are very experienced marketers – Authority

    The live chat is where someone can find instant help , advices , and guidance.Now if you just start in online marketing that factor might not seem as very important but if you get involved you will understand that you will need with your first steps daily. – Interaction

    The support tech team is there 24/7 and solving problems without questions. – Power

    While online marketing is very difficult and takes time to get ranked and start earning commissions there is a free membership that lasts for as long as you need.- Test Drive

    I have tested dozens of programs and nothing is not even close to this.

    The premium membership is very cheap and includes 50 websites , hosting and all the education courses.

    It is designed for newbies , intermediate and advanced marketers

    That is my own point of view

    Thanks for this review

    • Hi Tasos,

      Thank you very much for your comments. They would make up a separate review of Wealthy Affiliate all by itself. 🙂

      Your comments are brilliant. I loved the way you make a point and then summarize that point in a few words. Very powerful.

      Thank you very much for sharing your point of view on this here.



  4. I appreciate a thorough review, you covered the important aspects of Wealthy Affiliate well. Having tried different work from home opportunities in the past with little to no success, I can honestly say that I recommend this training system to anyone that is looking to start an online venture. With limitless high quality training and all the support you could ask for, the possibilities are endless.

    • Hi Jess,

      Thank you very much for your comprehensive comments. Personally I wish I found them sooner than I did, and I believe that this is quite common among Wealthy Affiliate members, both those on the free starter membership and those on the paid premium membership. As you say, the possibilities are endless.



  5. Hi David
    real informative review which covers important bases of why people should sign up and get to build a website. Its important also to have certain platforms so that your website will move smoothly which you have said. Once again this is a good review to point people in the right direction.

    • Hi Nigel,

      Thanks. Yes, I like to think that the review covered the important bases. Developing a website the Wealthy Affiliate way is a bit like earning how to ride a bike. Once you learn, and the support inside of Wealthy Affiliate is really good, you wonder why you didn’t start earlier with Wealthy Affiliate.

      The link to start is:


      I hope you enjoy learning how to build a website and enjoy actually building your website.



  6. I went to join up with this lot about three years ago but I was put off because it was a subscription only site. Now I hear, through your article, that there maybe a free entry level membership? Is this correct?
    I was interested before but if it’s free I’ll definitely sign up and try this time!

    • Yes, Chris, there is a free membership level. I recommend that you join first at the free membership level.


      There is also a premium membership level, but I recommend that you join first at the free membership level. You can decide to upgrade to premium when you want to and not before. 🙂

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